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Robust accounting and sound financial analysis are bedrock for successful law firms.  Our industry-specific experience and specialized expertise help us provide informed analysis and guidance that you need to make the right decisions and grow your practice.

Budgeting and Forecasting
Well-prepared budgets serve as the operational backbone and enable you to set the right expectations and make informed decisions regarding allocation of resources, acquisitions, financing, partner matters, and profitability.

Services Pricing
Services pricing is a crucial factor for you to be competitive in the marketplace. We understand this and help you identify proper price points for your services by determining various aspects of costs such as labor, infrastructure, resources et al.


Internal Controls and Reviews
We help you establish clearly defined internal controls for handling and documenting your financial transactions, thus minimizing the risks of fraud and potential litigation.


Thorough Monthly Reporting
We couple our streamlined accounting & bookkeeping services with simple, insightful monthly reports & expert CFO-level insights into the implications, warning and opportunities that the data demonstrates.


Subsidiary Reporting
Creating a subsidiary offers tax benefits and allows protection from creditors. We help you with subsidiary reporting to ensure you get the best advantage from it. 


Partner Compensation Systems
Confidence among partners is crucial for a law firm and one. We help you design robust partner compensation models & services to ensure there are no hiccups within a payment system. 

Our Client Advisory Services

Strategic Planning


Financial Analytics


KPI Dashboards

We work with your management team to identify key accounting financial performance indicators and initiatives to help improve profitability and operational efficiency.

Management Consulting

Operational Excellence

Operational Analytics

Research & Modelling

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We focus on operational and marketing excellence for your business through rigorous monitoring, evaluation and  thorough analysis of your business' performance.



Monthly Reporting

We provide total accounting services for small & medium sized businesses handling day-to-day transactions, accounts payable/receivable, management financial reporting.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning is key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

A Streamlined, Modern Accounting Experience.

Reliable & Timely Financial Insights.

Technology and Automation Leveraged To Help You

Grow Your Business.

We offer all-round financial and business consulting services to cater to your needs so you can have peace of mind to aim for your goals.

Customer Sectors

Technology &
Construction &
Real Estate
Mining &
Sports &
Manufacturing & Production
Restaurant &
Marine &

We work with private sector as well as public sector organisations of small and medium scale. 

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