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Our Engagement Model



P&L Run

Diagnostic Review

Findings Closure

Baseline Setting

Freedom From Worries

A logical, step-by-step process that ensures error-free progression towards assurance of success of our services.

Rigorous and detail-oriented methodology that has been tested and perfected with a variety of businesses and scenarios.


We have carefully designed our client engagement model to deliver assured, long-term value for our clients.

From designing a proposal that accurates charts your business requirements and aligns our offerings to them, to ensuring all the financial wrinkles are properly ironed out forming a solid foundation for our value-adding services, we walk every step of the way through our engagement journey to deliver continuous and incremental returns on your trust in us.


We take due time to understand your requirements thoroughly and in detail. Then, we deliver an equally detailed and all-encompassing proposal that addresses all your needs and beyond.

Engagement Sign-off

We invest our time and effort in ensuring you get complete understanding of our services and value propositions. Only when you are fully convinced of our services do we propose to sign a client engagement letter to make our association official.

Expectation Setting

Our client onboarding process is rigorous and detail-oriented and necessitates investment of time and effort from both parties as well as patience.  Hence, at the beginning of the engagement, we set expectations with you so that there is clarity at both ends.

New Business Client Form

We have a detailed client information form that captures all details required to successfully begin our engagement as well as support continued service delivery as detailed in our service agreement.

System Setup

Using the information provided in the client information form and other relevant documentation gathered from you, we set up your books in the system (Xero/QuickBooks). We explain the system setup to your team and, if needed, arrange for a system training for them to be able to use the system effectively.

P&L Run

We run your initial Profit & Loss statement in the system.

We analyze it and get a good understanding of your books and accounting setup.

Diagnostic Review

We conduct an in-depth assessment of your books and unearth obvious as well as potential issues hidden in there. We explain our findings to you and confirm them with you to eliminate any issues such as missing information or misunderstanding of the issues.

Mitigation Plan & Closure

We help you build a mitigation plan to address the findings of the diagnostic review. We engage with you to effectively close the findings by applying our experience. We then rerun your P&L and provide our customized "Management Report" confirming closure of our findings.

Baseline &

Normal Service Delivery

After confirming a true baseline of your accounts, we then proceed with planning and execution of our services in a normal, cyclical mode.

Our in-depth, performance driven client engagement model establishes a robust base to build your business on, and meet your expectations.

Let's get started with your financially well-informed and engaging business journey

Our Partners & Professional Network

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