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Outsourced Accounting


A Streamlined, Modern Accounting Experience.
Reliable & Timely Financial Insights.
Technology and Automation Leveraged To Help You Grow Your Business.


Your Core Competencies

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Your Overheads

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The Right Technology

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Maximize Your Core competencies 

Your business grows faster when you leverage your strengths and capabilities.

And we can underpin that growth with accounting and financial oversight.

We prepare your financial statements  in a timely manner. This is fundamental to running a successful business.

We provide a comprehensive view of your finances & performance through our customized monthly/quarterly Financial Analytics reports.

We conduct personal review sessions with you wherein you get the best understanding of the financial and operational strengths and risks to your business.

We advise you on options and solutions to mitigate your risks and get back to steady-state.

We employ some of the best technologies available in the market to manage your accounting accurately and securely.

Our goal is to work alongside you, support you and help you take informed decisions

without getting blindsided or distracted by unnecessary details.  

We ensure that you stay focused on maximizing your core competencies to

take your business plan forward.

Have queries? We are here to help. 

Ashish J.jpg

Ashish J.

Bridgewater, NJ

"Two thumbs up for Nisha and her team."

We used EBS for the first time based upon a recommendation and were not disappointed. She was responsive and really worked through several issues and made the whole process  fairly easy for us.  All our dealings we Nisha were via phone as we are in NJ and she is in CA. She was flexible to accommodate weekend calls with us - which helped quite a bit.

She also walked us through areas where we could be contributing more to defer taxes. What I liked about her the most is that she does not take chances by taking a liberal interpretation of the code; instead she is is through but ensures her clients are not leaving money on the table.

Highly recommended and we plan to use their services again next year.

Reduce Your Overheads

Managing accounting in-house can results in building overheads in terms of manpower, systems & training while not being able to utilize the resources optimally to get the best results.

With us, you get the accounting expertise you need while eliminating these overheads.


Pay only for the work actually delivered to you

Get timely and accurate accounting for your business



Eliminate manpower costs & redirect them towards growing your bottom line

We ensure the best value for your money through our expertise and efficiency.


No costly systems to be purchased

Reduce your training costs


Have queries? We are here to help. 

"You will be very happy choosing Nisha!"


As my business continues growing it was very apparent I needed a more competent bookkeeper that could handle more complex work. Nisha proved to be exactly who I was looking for and handled my complicated multi entity structured investment funds extremely well. She also pointed out several errors that were made by my previous bookkeeper. Her attention to detail, knowledge, and friendliness is what sets her apart. She's also very humble despite the fact she worked for a Big 4 firm for 15+ years. Whether your just starting a business was or have been a business owner for many years you will be very happy choosing Nisha!

Justin K.jpg

Justin K.

Irwine, CA

Leverage The Right Technology

Using the right technology for accounting and bookkeeping requirements is very essential to the success of a business.

We use the best technology platforms for our clients on day-to-day basis.

If done right, they can offer enhanced flexibility, reliance, efficiency and control to your business.

But if the technology doesn’t fit your business needs, it may result in higher expenses, significantly lower productivity, confusion and possibly legal and regulatory exposure.

We understand these challenges very well. Through years of experience we have the gained expertise on a variety of technology solutions. We also continually invest in researching on new technology solutions and training so that our team stays equipped to put them to best use.


Have queries? We are here to help. 

Your new accounting department Awaits ! Now, always stay in control of your books.

If you’re in the process of actively growing your company, our accounting services can provide you the control and insight to keep your business on track. In us, you will have a trusted and skilled adviser to help you make important decisions for your business.

And, you will be able to bundle our accounting and bookkeeping services with CFO services to get greater value.

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